Parkland Development Corporation (PDC) is a knowledgeable residential contractor with over 50 years of combined construction experience in single family and multi- family products in multiple states.


This extensive experience enables PDC to facilitate the design, permitting, and construction processes for all of its communities. It also allows PDC to achieve a leading quality standard in the industry while remaining on budget and on schedule.


Parkland has learned that local knowledge can make or break a project which is why PDC prides itself on utilizing the best local contractors to facilitate both planning and construction.  As an experienced developer and contractor, Parkland is able to run a full scale analysis on all third party general contractors from the local market. This local GC enables PDC to take full advantage of the local community knowledge at a fixed cost.  PDC’s hands on construction knowledge and ability assures that the project is delivered on time and within budget, while maintaining a superior quality standard that sets a PDC community apart from all others.